Radiation Safety Training Introduction

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Once the radiation safety training manual has been studied and you are ready to complete the training with a written examination, contact the radiological control office to set up an examination time and date at 536-2015 or radcon@cehs.siu.edu.

The purpose of this program is to provide a minimum level of knowledge for those faculty, staff, and students who will be handling radionuclides or operating equipment that produces ionizing radiations. It is the basic intent that this shall be a self-study course.

This course is designed to meet the requirements for training as promulgated by the Illinois Department of Nuclear Safety.

For the purpose of the training program, personnel who work with radiochemicals or in areas where radiochemicals are in use have been divided into four categories.

Category 1. Radiological Laboratory Supervisors (RLS): As defined in the handbook of Radiological Operations, page 15.

Category 2. Supervised Users: All personnel who use radiochemicals under the supervision of an RLS, e.g. graduate students, post-doctoral students, technicians and student workers.

A persons authorization to use radionuclides will begin after he/she has successfully completed the certification examination. Training requirements also include an annual refresher course, which is supervised by the Radiological Laboratory Supervisor. The annual refresher training is documented on form RCC-14 and must be certified with the signature of the RLS. Minimum passing scores shall be: Category 1-90%; Category 2- 80%.
The references cited in the radiation safety training manual are:
HRO-Handbook of Radiological Operations, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, 1984 Edition. (A copy is on file at the Center for Environmental Health and Safety.)