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  • Campus waste pickups are conducted on the normal schedule-submit the usual pickup request forms
  • Chemical and Biological Lab Safety and Bloodborne Pathogens training are now online on My Courses. Please contact Tatiana Sherrill (, provide your Dawg Tag, department, and contact phone number and email and you will receive a link on MyCourses.
  • Submit all accident reports via e-mail to Tatiana Sherrill (
  • Report all accidental releases to Tatiana Sherrill (
  • Direct all radiological inquiries to Matt Barnstable (
  • Other inquiries may be directed to Tatiana Sherrill ( or the appropriate staff member listed on this website.



The Center for Environmental Health and Safety (CEHS) was formed to coordinate all activities associated with the environmental regulatory compliance for Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

The Center is comprised of four sections:

Together, these sections work on monitoring Federal and State laws, determining their effects on the University, and advising proper action. CEHS reports to the Executive Director of Finance.