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Individuals at SIU Carbondale working with x-ray producing machinery or certain radioisotopes are required to utilize personnel exposure monitoring devices when they are being occupationally exposed, as specified in the SIUC Handbook of Radiological Operations. In most cases a film badge is worn while at work to monitor exposure. A few individuals are issued ring badges as well.

The Radiation Safety Section is responsible for issuing the monitoring devices as well as maintaining records of individual exposure. Each individual who is issued a film badge or ring badge is responsible for wearing the monitoring device in a proper manner respective to the type of device as specified by the Radiation Safety Officer. The monitoring device shall not be worn when the individual is not at the workplace, or when the individual is undergoing medical diagnosis or therapy procedures. When not being worn, the monitoring device shall be stored in an area away from any radiation other than normal background, excessive heat, moisture, etc.

As a general rule, if you are working at SIU's Carbondale Campus and are issued a monitoring device, the device should be worn during the normal course of the workday. Some individuals mistakenly think that because they are not directly participating in some type of work which utilizes x-ray producing machinery or radioisotopes, that they are not at risk from radiation exposure. If individuals are working in areas in which others may be utilizing x-ray producing machinery or radioisotopes, monitoring devices should be worn. The monitoring devices should be worn whenever there is a chance of occupational exposure. The accuracy of each monitoring device to measure an individual’s monthly exposure to radiation while working at the Carbondale Campus is limited by the decision of each individual to wear the device when there is a chance of occupational exposure, to wear the device properly, and to store the device properly when not in use.

If you have any questions regarding monitoring device usage please feel free to contact the Radiation Safety Section at 618-536-2015 or

Requesting or Changing Radiation Monitoring Services

Radiation monitoring devices are issued in accordance with state and federal regulations. In addition to these regulations, the university has established that radiation monitoring devices are required for individuals that meet any of the following criteria:

  • When working with beta emitters of energy 0.25 Mev or greater
  • When working with gamma emitters of any energy
  • When working with neutron sources of any type When working with x-ray producing devices other than dental diagnostic x-ray producing devices
  • When working with devices used for accelerating charged particles
  • When working in areas where exposure in excess of 10 mrem per day is expected.