Radiation Safety

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The Radiological Safety Section (RSS) is responsible for the proper management and disposal of all radioactive materials utilized in teaching and research activities for the University. Responsibility of the RSS is accomplished by a safety program and enforcement of all directives of the Radiological Control Committee and provisions and terms of a Non-Medical Radiological Material license issued by the Illinois Department of Nuclear Safety.

This section is comprised of:
  • Matt Barnstable, Radiation Safety Officer
  • Vacant, Radiation Safety Technician

Section Responsibilities:

  • Equipment Calibration
  • Laboratory Inspections (Radiation)
  • Laser Safety
  • Personnel Dosimetry
  • Radiation Safety Training
  • Radioactive Decontamination
  • Radioactive Spill Cleanup
  • RAM Inventory
  • RAM License
  • RAM Waste
  • Sealed Source Inspections
  • X-ray Machine Registration