Iodination Waste and Urine Sample Form

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Personnel who have been approved by the Radiation Safety Officer to conduct iodinations shall complete the following form upon completion of each iodination procedure. Urine samples from personnel conducting iodinations are required in order for the Radiation Safety Officer to conduct a bioassay to determine the possible uptake of radionuclides during the iodination procedure. Personnel shall produce a urine sample 22-26 hours upon completion of the iodination procedure. Please label the urine sample container with the individual's name and date of urine production.

Please note that the iodination waste activity is not recorded separately for liquid and solid waste. The iodination waste activity is totaled, and the waste is to be left inside the fume hoods of either Life Science III 2016 or 2017 for collection by the staff of Radiological Control.

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