Occupational Health and Safety

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The Occupational Health and Safety Section (OHS) is responsible for assisting all campus units in providing a safe work environment for all Southern Illinois University Carbondale employees and a safe environment for students and visitors. Included in this objective is the development of safety programs, inspection and monitoring of facilities and work sites, training of employees and students, and data collection and analysis. This is accomplished through direct cooperation and coordination with regulatory agencies and SIUC staff, faculty and administration. 

This section is comprised of:

If you have any safety concerns, please contact one of the above staff or complete the online Health and Safety Concern form.

Section Responsibilities

  •     Accident Investigation
  •     Bldg. Evacuation Plans
  •     Building Inspections
  •     Confined Space
  •     Electrical Safety
  •     Ergonomics
  •     Fire Extinguisher/Protection Training
  •     Forklift Operations
  •     Formaldehyde Standard
  •     Hearing Conservation
  •     Indoor Air Quality
  •     Industrial Hygiene Monitoring
  •     Job Safety Analysis
  •     Lock Out/Tag Out
  •     Machine Guarding
  •     OSHA 300 Log/Injury Statistics
  •     Personal Protective Equipment
  •     Respiratory Protection
  •     Slip/Trip/Fall Protection