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A law regarding the use, inventory, import and export of chemical weapons was enacted on December 30, 1999 which may affect SIU Carbondale researchers. The Chemical Weapons Convention Act (CWCA) was created for the Department of Commerce, Bureau of Export Administration and is published in vol. 64, No. 250 pp 73744-73811 of the federal register. Similar acts are being implemented worldwide.

Researchers using chemicals covered by CWCA may trigger CWCA requirements. SIUC most potentially applicable to Schedule 1 chemicals (i.e. sarin) which have a low threshold reporting quantity (100g). There are 12 toxic chemicals and precursors listed as schedule 1 agents. Schedule 2 chemicals are more commonly found in research laboratories, but have a much higher threshold which will likely not be met by SIU Carbondale.

It is important that CEHS be notified as soon as it is known any Schedule 1 chemical could potentially be used. Please note, chemical weapons listed in Schedule 1 may not necessarily be used in defense-related projects. For example ricin, a Schedule 1 regulated toxic chemical, may be experimentally used in cancer research for its anti-tumor properties.

Anyone using Schedule 1 or 2 chemical agents in any quantity should have a heightened interest in security of the agents. Contact CEHS for assistance in insuring these agents are appropriately secured.

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Notification of potential research or other activities involving Schedule 1 chemicals should be addressed to Leslie Korando.