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Operating Papers & Mission Statement

The University Radiological Control Committee (RCC) advises the Chancellor or his designate on all matters relating to the State of Illinois licenses issued to the University and to the procurement and safe use of radioactive materials and radiation producing devices within the University. The RCC is thereby authorized to regulate the procurement, utilization, and disposal of all radioactive materials and radiation producing devices in order to assure compliance with the regulations of the State of Illinois to safeguard the health and safety of university personnel and of the entire community. The RCC also serves as the official advisory body to the faculty and staff of the University in matters relating to the safe use of all radioactive materials and radiation producing devices in teaching, research, and development.

The RCC formulates basic policies for uniform practice throughout the University wherever radioactive materials or radiation producing devices are involved. The regulative and monitoring functions of the RCC relate primarily to the fundamental responsibility of the University to assure that radioactive materials are being procured, utilized, and disposed of in such a manner so as to preclude any possibility of endangering the health or safety of University personnel, students, or residents of the community, and in accordance with Federal and State licenses and other pertinent regulations.

RCC Committee

Chair of the RCC:
Dr. Andrew Wood
Plant Biology

Members of the RCC:
Dr. Judith Davie

Matt Barnstable , Radiation Safety Officer
Center for Environmental Health and Safety

Dr. Kelly Bender

Dr. Phil Jensik