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User training is an important aspect of the Center for Environmental Health and Safety's mission. Due to the diverse nature of a campus community, we have tried to offer different forms of training based on user needs from more traditional instructor-led training to web based learning. Certain regulations do limit the type of training for some programs. The following information is broken into categories based on hazard. If you would like information on training not seen here, please contact CEHS at 618-453-7180.

** View the Training Checklist for Laboratories and Non-Lab Facilities. **

BERT Team/Safety Representative Training:

** Find Emergency Response Information at or Contact Officer Kevin Cox at 453-3771 **

Instructor Led Training Classes:

** Find Instructor Led Training. **

Chemical & Biological - Contact: Ami Ruffing
Environmental - Contact: Debra Sarvela
Occupational Safety - Contact: Tatiana Sherrill
Radiological - Contact: Matt Barnstable