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The Center for Environmental Health and Safety (CEHS) was formed to coordinate all activities associated with the environmental regulatory compliance for Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

The Center is comprised of four sections:

Together, these sections work on monitoring Federal and State laws, determining their effects on the University, and advising proper action. CEHS reports to the Executive Director of Finance.


Laboratory Supplies

Are you looking for laboratory supplies such as sharps containers, gloves or eye protection? Southern Illinois University utilizes an IPHEC (Illinois Procurement of Higher Education Consortium) contract to purchase lab supplies from Fisher Scientific. You may obtain university pricing for your lab supplies by visiting the Procurement Services website.

CEHS can no longer purchase such lab supplies for you

CEHS Now Hiring for a Student Worker Position

CEHS is looking for an Undergrad Junior or Senior to help collect, transport, and sort hazardous chemical and biological waste on campus. This position requires a person that is in good physical health, responsible and able to lift and transport (with a dolly) heavy bins, containers and drums (some drums may weigh up to 700lbs). This person would work alongside another student during the collection/transportation and be required to attend a safety training pertinent to the nature of the position.  Any necessary personal protective equipment will be provided. Although not required, a background in chemistry would be a plus.

This is a security sensitive position and will require a background check before employment can begin.

CEHS is looking for someone who can work 12-4 M-F at least 3 days out of the week and begin work as early as March 7th, 2016. 

If interested please complete this application and send it to Leslie Korando at

Biowaste Pickup Schedule Change Alert

For the spring 2016 semester, biological waste pickup will be every Wednesday afternoon.

DEA Registration

For information regarding DEA controlled substances and select biological agents please read this letter from Dr. Jim Garvey, Interim Vice Chancellor for Research. 

Additional information can be found here.

To register your DEA permit contact or fax it to 453-7192. 

Inventory Questionnaire for Select Agents 

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